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Youth Education & Prevention

The Coalition for a Healthy Darke County is continually working to provide resources and support in the form of education and prevention programs to help adolescents and at risk youth achieve their full potential.


Changing the Culture in Darke County

In February 2017, Attorney General Mike DeWine's office released the recommendations of the Ohio Joint Study Committee on Drug Use Prevention Report.

In his letter to fellow Ohioans, DeWine wrote, "At least eight people are dying each day in Ohio from accidental drug overdoses. The opioid epidemic has spread to every county, city and village in Ohio. Without question, it is the worst drug epidemic I've witnessed in my lifetime."

DeWine noted that during the study, "The experts routinely told us that repetitive, comprehensive school-based education was necessary to successfully combat addiction. While schools are making an effort to provide this education, time and resource constraints are often barriers to these comprehensive efforts."

The Ohio Joint Study Committee’s report offers a plan to incorporate drug education in all grade levels,” said Coalition President Sharon Deschambeau.

“It was apparent from the findings of the report that we needed to start the substance abuse prevention education process early and offer Coalition grants.”

Deschambeau also serves as the president of the Darke County Chamber of Commerce and indicated that investing in substance abuse prevention education for our children at an early age may benefit our businesses and communities in the long term.

“Perhaps we will see a difference in the health of our future workforce by changing the culture in Darke County for our children through substance abuse prevention education grants,” she said.

The Coalition distribution of Substance Abuse Prevention Education Grants in 2017-2018 totaling $21,000 was celebrated with a photo of community members that received grants including the school districts of Arcanum-Butler, Franklin Monroe, Greenville, Mississinawa and Tri-Village. Additionally, St. Mary's Catholic School and the peer-led student group We Are The Majority received grants. Joining the photo were school representatives, School Resource Officers, Coalition board members, Darke County Chamber board members and donors.

The grants were made possible through financial donations from Matt and Angie Arnold, Coalition for a Healthy Darke County, Darke County United Way, Wayne and Sharon Deschambeau, Premier Health, Ramco Electric Motors, Rotary Club of Greenville, Second National Bank, Tri-County Board of Recovery and Mental Health Services, Wayne HealthCare, and Wayne HealthCare Foundation. The total grant impact reached 5,819 students 205 adults.


Drug-Free Student Driver Discount Program

Recovery & Wellness of Midwest Ohio
Greenville / Location #1

600 Walnut Street, Greenville, OH 45331
Kelly Harrison, Prevention Specialist and We Are The Majority Adult Leader

  • Are you a drug, alcohol and tobacco free high school student living in Darke County? Are you between the ages of 15-18 and willing to take a free drug screening?
  • Do you want a "drug-free driver discount" on your car insurance?
  • Do you want additional school perks? Do you like saving money at local businesses?

How to receive a discount:

  1. Go to Recovery and Wellness of Midwest Ohio, 600 Walnut Street, Greenville, OH 45331, on Monday-Wednesday by 5:00 p.m. and request the "Drug-Free Driver" Student drug-screen. Trained treatment staff members will provide a supervised urine screen. No appointment is needed, but you may call ahead and ask for Roberta Short.
  2. Wait for drug-screen response which typically takes 72 hours.
  3. Return to Recovery and Wellness to pick up and sign your "Drug-Free Driver Card", which states you are drug-free at time of the test and that you agree to random testing for the following 6 months. Complete the paperwork and pick up a "perk discount bag" for being a drug-free student.

The Drug-Free Student Driver Discount Program is in partnership with American Family Insurance. Funding partners include the Coalition for a Healthy Darke County, Darke County United Way and Tri-County Board of Recovery and Mental Health Services.


Council on Rural Services
Kids Learning Place-Greenville, Ohio
1170 Sweitzer Street, Greenville, OH 45331

The goal for every teacher in each center is to help every child learn the tools they need to be ready to enter school and to be successful. The teaching plans and the materials utilized with every child are based on the most current standards in education today. All classrooms are equipped with computers and iPad’s for children to participate in technology-based learning and entertaining activities.

Teacher Qualifications In order to meet the high educational standards at each Kids Learning Place center, every Head Teacher is required to have the minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree in Early Childhood Education (ECE) or a Bachelor’s degree in another discipline, with six applied ECE courses. In addition, 70% of Teacher Assistants have an Associate’s Degree or higher, with a minimum requirement of a Child Development Associates Certification (CDA).

Classroom Curriculum In the Early Head Start and Head Start programs, Creative Curriculum and Teaching Strategies Gold™ have been adopted for educational direction. This research-based teaching curriculum and assessment system, allows Kids Learning Place teachers the flexibility to plan individual and group learning experiences. In the Child Care programs, the popular “Cincy After-School Curriculum” serves as the teaching and development guide. This research-based curriculum supports healthy development of the whole child, academically and socially. The program helps to build upon the child’s strengths and provide assistance to meet the child’s individual needs. In our home-based option, Parents As Teachers™ is a strong curriculum plan that links educators so parents can educate their children at home.

Early identification and intervention of health and developmental delays can ensure there is a bright future as a result of building confidence and readiness prior to attending school.

Healthy Living for Children In order for each child to perform at the top of his/her ability, every center offers a warm, friendly environment where kids are comfortable and eager to learn. To ensure peak performance and desirable behavior, Kids Learning Place provides daily nutritious breakfasts, lunches and mid-day snacks at no cost to families. Nature-inspired outdoor learning and play-spaces are part of each facility. Organized activities as well as individual play are part of the daily schedule. Healthy, active living for all children is important at Kids Learning Place.

Social-Emotional Guidance Kids Learning Place is committed to the social-emotional health of all children. A comprehensive plan is used to teach children the appropriate behavior for school and how to interact with other children and teachers.  This healthy classroom program supports children in expressing their feelings in a positive manner.

YMCA of Darke County
Child Development Centers
Director Katie Roberts or Director Shanna Good

Greenville Branch
301 Wagner Avenue, Greenville, OH 45331

Versailles Branch
10242 Versailles-S.E. Road, Versailles, OH 45380

The Y Child Development Centers in Greenville and Versailles offer care for children ages six weeks through 12 years through a wide variety of age-appropriate and developmentally-appropriate activities designed to encourage social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth in each child. Opportunities to create, explore, discover and try new ideas take place in a safe, healthy environment.

The Y recognizes and values children as unique individuals and encourages them to develop problem solving and social skills as they form a positive self image, and to learn and grow at their own developmental pace.

The Child Development Center offers the following: Licensed facility through the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services; Playground with fenced area for outdoor play; Swim lessons included for all preschool age children; Trained and qualified teaching staff; YMCA Character Development program values of caring, honesty, respect and responsibility; Financial Assistance is available to those who qualify through funding by Darke County United Way and the YMCA Community Partners Program and the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services; and The center is inclusive and offers care for children of all races, religions, nationalities and abilities.

All child care staff are fully screened in accordance with the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services licensing requirements. Screening and training includes: fingerprinting, background check, references, health physical, Communicable Disease Recognition & Prevention, Child Abuse Recognition & Prevention, infant / child / adult CPR, First Aid, and 30 hours of additional early childhood development training.

Afterschool: With a focus on safety, health, social growth and academic enhancement, Y afterschool programs serve kindergartners through fourth grade with a variety of programs and activity options to explore and develop their interests.


The SRO program is designed to fulfill three roles in concert with school administration.  They are 1) Law Enforcement 2) Crime Prevention 3) Education. The educational component will be conducted through cooperation with school officials.  Examples of presentations may include education on drug awareness, bullying, conflict resolution, personal and social responsibility.

Arcanum Schools K-12
Arcanum Police Officer Jeramy Hyden

Franklin Monroe Schools K-12
Darke Co. Sheriff’s Deputy Josh Brinley

Greenville City Schools K-8
Greenville Police Officer Ryan Borowske

Greenville City Schools 9-12
Greenville Police Officer Jesse Osswald

Mississinawa Valley Schools K-12
Darke Co. Sheriff’s Deputy Josh Brinley

Versailles Schools K-12
Versailles Police Officer Josh Bolin


Council on Rural Services-Greenville, Ohio
Jeff Vaughn, ACES Coordinator
116 East 3rd Street, Greenville, OH 45331

Gateway Youth Programs (Gateway):  Gateway specializes in working with youth ages 7-17 who are struggling with relationships and their self-esteem. Many are in conflict with their family. Some are involved with juvenile court. Most are in need of help to succeed in school and to communicate effectively. Gateway’s main goal is to help youth gain the skills necessary to deal with life’s many challenges.

Achievement Center for Educational Success (ACES):  Students, grades 9-12, who are credit deficient, struggling in the regular school setting or on the verge of dropping out and need an alternative learning environment. Coursework is provided in small classrooms through online classes and by independent study all under the guidance of an onsite certified teacher and aides. Students also have the opportunity to receive support services that promote personal development, as well as addressing prevention and intervention, and workforce development by being matched to jobs in the community. The unique aspect of the ACES program is student’s credits are transferred to their home school and their diplomas are from their home schools upon graduating.

The goal is to help students get excited about their future – to be encouraged to dream big – and learn what it takes to put their dreams and goals into action.


Youth for Christ of the Miami Valley, Inc.
Neal Crawford, Executive Director
7603 Greenville Celina Rd, Greenville, OH 45331

Youth for Christ (YFC) of the Miami Valley provides teenagers a safe place to belong and receive relational support and spiritual direction and encouragement. YFC does this through a wide variety of one to one and small and large group activities including meetings, events, retreats, and adventure trips. YFC's mission is to reach young people everywhere, working together with the local church and other like-minded partners to raise up life-long followers of Jesus, who lead by their godliness of lifestyle, devotion to the Word of God and prayer, passion for sharing the love of Christ, and commitment to social involvement.


Darke County We Are The Majority
Recovery & Wellness Centers of Midwest Ohio
Kelly Harrison, Adult Leader
600 Walnut Street, Greenville, OH 45331

Darke County We Are The Majority is an after-school leadership program through Recovery and Wellness Centers of Midwest Ohio for 7th-12th grade students with a focus on drug and alcohol free peer led prevention. Students help out the community through many activities during the year including after-school study sessions for any 2nd-6th grader in Darke County. The team has also designed and led Camp Lead summer camp, Majority’s Got Talent, Runday Funday, and Majority Art Classes. The unique component of this program is that it is comprised of all youth inspired activities that students feel impact our community with awareness and strength to create a brighter future for our community, especially for those of younger generations.

Any student who is drug/alcohol free is able to be a part of this program. This program aligns with the state We are the Majority Initiative began by Governor Kasich. To help combat the issues within the county, the adult leader, Kelly Harrison from Recovery and Wellness has participated in a Strategic Prevention Framework on youth led prevention through the state of Ohio and is now beginning to complete a SPF with the youth in the community to help make community change in this area. Kelly also provides ongoing prevention education in area school districts.

Some upcoming projects the group has planned in addition to study sessions, Main St. bridge graffiti clean up, and the SPF include volunteering with the Haunted Library Project with Gateway Youth Programs, a Majority Movie Night, Community Awareness Majority outdoor event, as well as other drug/alcohol free events to engage youth with alternative activities.


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