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Leading our community in a collaborative effort to impact health, wellness and social issues.


We work to encourage healthy lifestyles by raising awareness of wellness issues and providing insights and activities to promote healthier habits for a longer, healthier life.


Darke County Wellness Challenge

The Darke County Wellness Challenge is a wellness initiative formed in cooperation with local businesses and lifestyle groups to make our community healthier. The challenge promotes community health through 13 running / walking events in Darke County. The events offer an opportunity for all to engage in challenges with 5K's, a 15K and a half marathon. Race points are earned for participation and competitive achievements, which will be accumulated at the end of the season. All the races help fund nonprofit and community organizations which in turn helps to support the needs of the community.

YMCA of Darke County
Greenville Branch
301 Wagner Avenue, Greenville, OH 45331

Versailles Branch
10242 Versailles-S.E. Road, Versailles, OH 45380

Child Care
Ys across the country offer quality full-day and partial-day child care for infants through preschoolers, enabling parents and family members to go to work knowing their children are in safe, stimulating environments.

Afterschool Care
With a focus on safety, health, social growth and academic enhancement, Y after school programs serve kindergartners through fourth graders with a variety of programs and activity options to explore and develop their interests and talents.

Child Watch
Our Y offers free drop-in child care for children included on Family or Single Parent Family Memberships while mom or dad make use of the Y. Playful, engaging options are plentiful for children age 6 weeks to 7 years while you exercise or connect with others over shared interests.

Swim, Sports & Play
The Y is the starting point for many youth to learn about becoming and staying active, and developing healthy habits they’ll carry with them throughout their lives, and the benefits are far greater than just physical health. Whether it’s gaining the confidence that comes from learning to swim or building the positive relationships that lead to good sportsmanship and teamwork, participating in sports at the Y is about building the whole child, from the inside out.

Swimming is a life skill as well as great exercise and a challenging sport. Ys offer swim lessons (for all ages), family swim, competitive swimming teams, and many kinds of adaptive swim programs for kids with special needs, so we can all safely enjoy the pleasures of an aquatic environment.

Swimming and Water Safety
Young people in underserved communities often do not learn the critical water safety and swimming skills to keep them safe, which results in a disproportionate amount of deaths and injuries each year. The Y is working to address this important issue by offering learn-to-swim programs and raising awareness of the importance of water safety in urban communities nationwide.

Youth Sports Baseball, soccer, volleyball, flag football, tae kwon do, basketball, gymnastics—check out the sports offerings at your Y and get in the game. Improve your skills, make new friends, be active with other kids and learn to love a sport at the Y.

Competitive Sports Swimming and gymnastics are the most popular national competitive sports teams at the Y. The Y hosts state, regional and national championships annually, helping kids value hard work, reach for excellence and enjoy spirited competition.

Health, Well-being & Fitness
Because we know that healthy lifestyles are achieved through nurturing mind, body and spirit, well-being and fitness at the Y is so much more than just working out. Beyond fitness facilities, we provide educational programs to promote healthier decisions, and offer a variety of programs that support physical, intellectual and spiritual strength.

At the Y, a supportive community is a big part of wellness. At every age and every level of activity, you’ll find people just like you looking to live a little bit healthier. Members and program participants often cite the support and enthusiasm of fellow participants and staff as some of the key factors in their achievement of greater well-being. One member sums up her favorite class this way: “This is a great program, I’ve learned so much about how to eat healthier and I love the classes. I’m here 3 – 4 times a week now to work out and I love the new me!”

Group Physical Activity Classes
Ys offer classes for all ages, all levels and all interests. From low-impact exercise and chair classes, stretching and strength training to indoor cycling, water exercise, and yoga, you’ll find a group class that’s fun, supportive and keeps you moving.

Water Activities
What would the Y be without water? Water exercise, adult swim lessons (it’s NEVER too late) and adapted exercise for those with disabilities or in rehabilitation are some of the water-based activities you’ll find at the Y where we believe if you can do it on land, you can do some version of it in the water!

Spiritual Development
Our relationship with God, our understanding of our faith and others, and our sense of purpose in the world are all rich topics for exploration and prayer. Ys offer prayer groups, bible study, discussion groups, and spiritually-focused yoga and meditation to allow our spirits a chance to stretch and grow.

The generosity of others is at the core of the Y’s existence as a nonprofit. It is only through the support of our hundreds of volunteers and public and private donors that we are able to support and give back to the communities we serve.

Be Involved
As the leading nonprofit for youth development, healthy living and social responsibility, the Y works side-by-side with our neighbors every day to make sure that everyone, regardless of age, income or background, has the opportunity to learn, grow and thrive.

To do our important work, the Y relies on support from members, donors, volunteers and community leaders.

When you are involved with the Y, you help bring about lasting personal and social change. Whether you want to nurture the potential of children and teens, improve your or your family’s health and well-being, or give back and support your neighbors, your involvement with the Y will positively impact those in your community.

Programs such as our Diabetes Education Classes and SPLASH water safety week provide educational opportunities that can save lives at no cost to members and potential members alike.


Touch of Heart Therapeutic Medical Massage
318 Wagner Avenue, Greenville, OH 45331
Diane Crawford


CareSource Life Services
Terrie Hottle, Life Coach
230 North Main Street, Dayton, Ohio 45402
937. 224.3300

Care Source Life Services is a wraparound program that creates a partnership with CareSource members in targeted areas.

The program addresses all of the factors that contribute to complete health and wellbeing, yet don’t necessarily involve a doctor’s appointment.  We walk alongside our members through every step of their journey by connecting them with resources and partnering with them to set and achieve their goals of moving from poverty to sustainable, meaningful employment and, ultimately, thriving, unsubsidized lives.

Serving Darke, Preble, Miami, Montgomery, Clark, Greene, Butler, Warren, and Franklin counties.

Julia Bowlin, M.D.
Personal Awareness Medicine™
Family Health
5735 Meeker Road, Greenville, OH 45331

Personal Awareness Medicine™ is a process where one reduces or eliminates persistent health problems such as weight gain, fatigue, depression, stress, and insomnia in a comprehensive more holistic and natural way. Patients today are reflexively prescribed a cocktail of medications to alleviate many bothersome symptoms. But Personal Awareness Medicine™ takes a different approach.

Personal Awareness Practitioners focus on all three components of overall health: body, mind, and spirit – not just physical symptoms. By acknowledging and improving all these three aspects of health and wellness, practitioners of Personal Awareness Medicine™ do much more than mitigate symptoms of those with which they are caring, they get to the root of the actual problem of their patients thereby enabling themselves to thrive more efficiently in their work and to realize their fullest potential as a patient medical physician or provider.

Often, patients with chronic problems already know what is needed to achieve the happier, healthier, wealthier and more vital life they desire such as exercise more and eat a better diet, but their own goals get pushed aside or forgotten in the hustle and bustle of everyday life or suppressed due to other issues. As a result patients settle or yearn for the quick fix of a pill instead of investing in their journey to a more vivid life. The practice of Personal Awareness Medicine™ has led many patients toward a life filled with more energy, better sleep, an improved sex life, and a greater sense of strength and well-being.

Make the Connection Between Your Emotions and Your Health. Visit Julia Bowlin, M.D. for more information on Transitions and Transformations, Emotional Smarts Online Course, Rx for PAWAR Online Course, Group Coaching, Corporate Wellness Coaching, and Fatigue2Fantastic.

Wayne HealthCare Main Campus
835 Sweitzer Street, Greenville, OH 45331-1077
937. 548.1141
Toll Free: 800.58WAYNE or 800.589.2963
Wayne HealthCare

Wayne HealthCare is a rural, nonprofit acute care hospital located in Greenville, Ohio. The hospital provides inpatient, outpatient and emergency services to patients in the Darke County community.

Wayne HealthCare has several programs to assist you in making healthy lifestyle changes such as: Support Groups, Educational Programs, Health Fairs and Screenings.

Diabetes Education Program: Diabetes is a disorder that affects how the carbohydrates that we eat are metabolized, resulting in blood sugar levels that are higher than normal. It is important that diabetes be diagnosed and treated because elevated blood sugar levels can damage vital organs like the heart, kidneys, eyes, nerves, and blood vessels.

Once you have diabetes, it will not go away; however, you can control it through education and lifestyle changes. The American Diabetes Association recommends that individuals with diabetes maintain good blood glucose control to prevent or lessen the effects of long-term complications. It is up to you to control your diabetes by eating right, exercising, and losing excess body weight. You may also need to take medication prescribed by your physician.

Diabetes Education Programs include: Diabetic Group Classes, Individual Session with a Certified Diabetes Educator, Individual Session with a Registered Dietitian, Free Monthly Diabetes Education Programs, and Pre-Diabetes Individual Education and Group Class. Community Programs include health fairs, Diabetes Day, Dining with Diabetes, lectures and guest speakers. Please contact the Diabetes Education Program for a list of upcoming events. For more information call 937. 547.5750.

Community Health Fairs: Wayne HealthCare partners in local health fairs and community wellness events that include, but are not limited to the following: Darke County Chamber of Commerce Ag Day, Darke County and Greenville Employee Health Fair, Neff Health Fair, Lowe Health Fair, Midmark Health Fair, Arcanum High School Cancer Awareness Day, Darke County Health Fair, and 5th Grade Health Fair. For additional information about Community Health Fairs call 937. 547.5943.

Corporate Wellness Services: Wayne HealthCare offers a family-oriented environment to help promote overall health and well-being. Health education programs, wellness classes and support groups are offered to the community. We also provide health and wellness events and programs for businesses.

Throughout the year, Wayne HealthCare offer seminars and other special wellness events: Cancer Support Group, Diabetes Education, Darke County Wellness Challenge, Health Screenings, Healthy Moments, Lifestyle Enhancement Center, and Nutrition Counseling. For additional information about Wellness Services call (937) 547-7409.

Health Screenings: These recommendations, which are general guidelines, are designed for the general population. Your physician may recommend different screenings and frequencies based on your family history, your current health and other risk factors. Find the screenings you need for your health and well-being: Men's Health Screenings and Women's Health Screenings.

Tobacco Cessation Programs: Everyone nowadays is aware of the risks of smoking. But that doesn’t mean quitting is easy. Wayne HealthCare is committed to educating and helping those in our community take a step toward healthier living by choosing to quit smoking. Freshstart Tobacco Cessation Program consists of four FREE one-hour sessions. All of the methods and activities contain the most effective elements for success. The single most important element is YOU – and your dedication to fight the addiction to nicotine that makes you want to smoke. Freshstart can be your start to a new life without cigarettes! Cost is free to all registered participants. For more information call 937.547.5917.


Nature's Heart Yoga
120 East Third Street, Greenville, OH 45331
Erica Menke

Nature's Heart Yoga is nestled among the cornfields of Darke County in Greenville, Ohio. Their focus is Wellness Education, Products & Services including Yoga & Pilates Classes, Yoga Teacher Training, Wellness Services, Workshops and Distance Learning Programs.


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